Luggage Storage in Moscow

Store your luggage all over Moscow starting from 299₽ per day!

Luggage Storage in Moscow
Free luggage insurance for 50,000₽
Free tagging for sealing your luggage
Convenient search, free cancel

How it works

We cooperate with hotels in Moscow where you can store luggage!

1. Book online in Moscow

Find the nearest luggage storage and book online

2. Drop off your luggage

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3. Enjoy the city

We'll take care of your luggage while you walk around Moscow!

Luggage storages Moscow 2021

Wondering where to leave your luggage in Moscow?

You may have recently arrived at the Leningradskiy railway station, Kurskiy railway station or any other Moscow railway station and you need to check in your luggage for a temporary storage until check-in.

Perhaps you are leaving a hotel or apartment, but you cannot leave your luggage there. To walk around the city lightly, you need to find a storage room, where you can drop off your luggage before the train or plane.

In any case, we can help you find the closest Moscow storage room and leave your luggage there so that you are not shackled luggage on hand!

Walkit Luggage Storage

Walkit is a luggage storage network in Moscow and other cities of Russia.

We cooperate with bars, shops and hotels, inside which we open lockers. Many luggage storage facilities allows our guests to leave their belongings where it is convenient!

We personally check each location and before connecting and insure your baggage against theft and damage for 50,000 rubles. Baggage acceptance takes no more than three minutes!

You can store whatever you want with us. Whether it's a backpack, suitcase or laptop bag. The price does not depend on the size. When receiving each item is sealed and placed in the storage room.

In order to select the closest luggage room and book it, just go to our website or application. We will freeze the amount and will write off only after we return your luggage!

Why we are better storage facilities at Moscow railway stations

Convenient location. You can leave your luggage near the Kremlin, Kursky railway station, Leningradsky railway station, Paveletsky railway station and around other locations in Moscow!

We insure your baggage for 50,000 rubles and seal it upon receipt.

Easy to choose, convenient to book. Just select the closest locker, book and drop off your luggage.

Every day we store the luggage of a dozen clients and guarantee its complete safety, which is confirmed by our rating and reviews!

The cost of any luggage room in Moscow is 299 rubles for each suitcase, backpack and bag.

How to leave luggage in the storage room

You can drop off your luggage very quickly and easily. To do this, simply select the closest locker here. Find that camera storage that suits your location and opening hours. After that, luggage storage can be booked in 2 minutes. we We ask for card details in advance to reserve a left-luggage office, but you can cancel your booking at any time.

In order to prevent overcrowding of lockers in St. Petersburg, we ask you to make a reservation. Each booking has a full address and the name of the institution where you will need to go. After you show your booking, we will seal the baggage and put it in the camera storage. After that, you can safely go for a walk around St. Petersburg!

Our lockers in Moscow

Luggage storage on Tverskaya street

We cooperate with a bar on Tverskaya Street. The bartender will take the suitcase, seal it with a protective tag and put it in the storage room. The luggage will be under the supervision of cameras and staff throughout the storage.

luggage storage at Kievsky railway station

Luggage storage is located in the next building from the Kievsky railway station. Upon receipt, the luggage will be sealed and stored in a special room, where it is kept under constant surveillance by cameras and guards.

luggage storage at Kazansky railway station

We cooperate with a hotel near the Kazansky railway station. The administrator will seal the luggage with a security tag and put it in the storage room. The luggage will be monitored by CCTV and staff.

Luggage storage at Paveletsky railway station

Luggage storage is located in the hotel near Paveletsky railway station. The administrator will take the suitcase, seal it with a protective tag and put it in the storage room. Your luggage will be under constant video surveillance.

luggage storage at the Kursk railway station

Luggage storage is located in the hotel near the Kursk railway station. Upon receipt, the luggage will be sealed and put into the storage room. Constant supervision of staff and cameras ensures the safety of your belongings.

luggage storage at Moscow-Tovarnaya station

We cooperate with the hotel near the Moscow-Tovarnaya station. The manager will take the suitcase, seal it and put it in a separate storage room.

luggage storage at Taganka

Luggage storage is located in the hotel on Taganka. Upon receipt, the luggage will be sealed and left under the constant supervision of cameras and staff.

Additional information about Moscow

More than 20 million people come to the capital of Russia every year. This is the most visited city in Russia with unique architecture and centuries-old history.

There are many parks in the city where you can walk and ride a scooter or bicycle: VDNKh, Gorky Park, Muzeon, Zaryadye, where Soviet architecture is intertwined with modern technologies and trends.


Do you live in Moscow and often carry a gym bag or things for distributing flyers? Leave what gets in the way in any of our lockers and don't waste time on the road!


Have you arrived in Moscow and need a luggage room? In order not to waste time looking for a place to store your luggage, come to us and enjoy the city light!

What is the most convenient way to navigate Moscow

The main transport of the city is the metro. On it you can get to anywhere in the city. There are also electric buses and buses operating in Moscow. There are a lot of car sharing services and taxi aggregators in the city!

Where should you stay?

It is best to find a hotel or apartment within the Garden Ring. Thus, you will have the main sights of the city within walking distance.

Where to go in Moscow?

We have prepared a lot of places to go to in Moscow. You will receive it after registering with our service. It contains cafes, restaurants and places to visit first.

When to go to Moscow

Moscow is good in summer, spring and winter. On New Year's Eve, the city is decorated and fairs work on the main sites of the city. There are also many festivals in the summer and many cafes have an outdoor veranda.