Luggage Storage in Saint-Petersburg

Store your luggage all over Saint-Petersburg starting from 299₽ per day!

Luggage Storage in Saint-Petersburg
Free luggage insurance for 50,000₽
Free tagging for sealing your luggage
Convenient search, free cancel

How it works

We cooperate with hotels in Saint-Petersburg where you can store luggage!

1. Book online in Saint-Petersburg

Find the nearest luggage storage and book online

2. Drop off your luggage

Come drop off your luggage

3. Enjoy the city

We'll take care of your luggage while you walk around Saint-Petersburg!

Luggage storages at Moscow railway station and the center of St. Petersburg

Wondering where to store your luggage in St. Petersburg?

Perhaps you recently arrived at Moskovsky railway station and need to leave your things somewhere before check-in, or maybe you just checked out a room or apartment where there was no storage services

Perhaps you want to walk around the Palace Square, see St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, or even drive to Peterhof before leaving St. Petersburg. In any case, it is much easier and more convenient to do it without luggage.

But don't worry, we have luggage storages located all over St. Petersburg, near Moskovsky and Vitebsky railway stations!

Walkit Luggage storage

Walkit - a network of luggage storage operates throughout Russia and St. Petersburg.

We work with local hotels, bars and shops, where we open lockers so that you can leave your luggage in any area of ​​St. Petersburg, including in the centre and at the Moskovsky train station.

Our team personally inspects each location and provides security tags for luggage, as well as insurance against damage or theft of luggage. Our staff will be able to professionally take your luggage and put it in the locker!

We have over 100 reviews rated 5 stars out of 5. Our prices in St. Petersburg start at 299 ₽ per day for one piece of baggage. It can be anything: a bag, suitcase, backpack, or even a bag.

Reservations are made through our website or app, we provide a free guarantee and insurance of 50,000 rubles for each booking. We have constant support 24/7. There is nothing easier and more convenient than leaving your luggage at Walkit for the price of just one cup of coffee!

Why we are better than luggage storage at Moskovsky railway station or Vitebsky railway station Luggage storage at Moskovsky railway station

Many locations. You can leave your luggage at the Moskovsky railway station, at the Vitebsky railway station and even in the very centre of St. Petersburg or Peterhof.

50,000 rubles of luggage insurance.

We guarantee the safety of your belongings. Verified lockers. At the reception, we will seal your luggage and put it under CCTV.

Instant booking. The process of choosing and booking a luggage room takes just a few minutes.

Hundreds of five-star reviews. We store thousands of suitcases every month.

The cost of any luggage storage point is 299 ₽ for each bag

How to leave your luggage in the storage point

You can leave your luggage very quickly and easily. To do this, simply select the closest locker here. Find the locker that suits your location and opening hours. After that, luggage storage can be booked in 2 minutes. We ask for card details in advance to reserve a left-luggage office, but you can cancel your reservation at any time.

To prevent overcrowding of lockers in St. Petersburg, we ask you to make a reservation. Each booking contains the full address and name of the establishment where you will need to go. Once you've checked in your luggage, you can start enjoying the city.

Storage point in St. Petersburg

Moskovskiy Rail Terminal Storage point

One of our lockers is located in a hotel near the Moscow railway station in St. Petersburg. It is located on Horse Street and works 24/7. From the Moskovsky railway station, walk only 7 minutes through the historic centre of St. Petersburg. The baggage will be sealed and put into the storage room by the administrator.

Ploschad Vosstaniya Storage Point

There is another storage room near the Moscow railway station. Located in a capsule hotel on Zhukovskogo street. Open daily from 9:00 to 21:00. Luggage can be stored both at the reception under the cameras and in special cells for luggage.

Vitebsky Railway Station Storage point

The luggage storage is located right next to the Vitebsk railway station. You can leave your luggage here from 9:00 to 23:00. From the station, you will need to walk about 5 minutes to Bolshoy Kazachiy lane.

St. Isaac's Cathedral Storage point

In the centre of St. Petersburg, next to St. Isaac's Cathedral, you can also leave your luggage. Here we are located inside the hotel and work from 6:00 to 24:00. The luggage will be sealed and stored at the reception under the cameras. Once you've checked in your luggage, you can start enjoying the city.

Where to go

We've prepared a list of great places to stay: cafes, restaurants and the best attractions. They are marked on the Google Map and are located in all districts of St. Petersburg

More information about St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second popular city in Russia among the tourists after Moscow. It is the culture capital, moreover it has amazing architecture and history. This attracts tourists from everywhere! There are a lot of places in the city which you must visit and we can help you with that!


Live in St. Petersburg and constantly carry a gym bag or scooter with you? Leave what gets in the way in any of our storage rooms and move around the city light!


You have arrived at the St. Petersburg railway station and need a luggage room? In order not to waste time looking for a luggage room, just book any of ours, whether it is a luggage room at the Moskovsky railway station or in the city centre, and enjoy the city without carrying your suitcase!

What is the most convenient way to travel around St. Petersburg?

Public transport is well developed in the city. Anywhere in the city can be easily reached on foot, by bus or metro. Also, car sharing is developed in the city.

In which district is it better to stay?

When we come to the city, we most often stop near the Moscow railway station on Nevsky Prospekt. There are reasonable prices and walking distance to all cultural sites.

Which museum of St. Petersburg to go to?

You need to go to the Erarta Museum. This is a museum of modern art, where works of many famous artists are collected!

The best time of year to visit St. Petersburg

Since St. Petersburg is the northern capital, it is best to visit the city in summer or spring, when you can find a little bit of sunshine. In the rest of the year, the cold wind and constant rain will search and find you everywhere.