New client.
Additional incomes.

Our application allows to leave luggage in our connected hotels, hostels and bars to the tourists.
Their owners get additional income and new potential clients.
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How it works

We offer luggage storage nearby the best tourist attractions and stations

1. Connect to us

We will place you in our application and give you access to your personal account. It's completely free.

You can start by accepting 2 suitcases a day and specify a convenient opening time.

2. Accept reservations

Our online booking system works 24/7 and allows you to take luggage in a few minutes.

Each booking contains full complete information about the order, including storage dates, name and contacts of the client

3. Get paid

You earn 50% from each order. No commissions or hidden conditions.

Money is transferred to your current account at the beginning of each month

What do you get

Free registration, full support and security provided by our side

1. Additional income

By storing only 4 items per day you will receive more than 18,000 rubles per month.

2. Increase in traffic

You can offer your services to clients who come to leave their luggage.

Use us as an additional and free channel to promote your business

3. Complete safety

We insure clients' belongings for 50,000₽
We provide numbered luggage tags
The client will show the passport and demonstrate the contents of things
Only the person who checked in can take the luggage

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