Walkit.ru Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Last change: 10/25/2020

1. General information

  1. The referral program allows users to receive a permanent reservation discount on Walkit.ru services after inviting friends to the service.
  2. To participate, the user must accept these terms of participation in the Walkit.ru referral program.

2. How to get a discount on booking

  1. A user can receive and/or increase a permanent discount on booking Walkit.ru luggage storage if: (a) the invited friend has created an account on Walkit.ru (b) the invited friend has booked and used the luggage storage, specifying your code when booking.
  2. For one invited friend, the user receives a permanent 10% discount on Walkit.ru services.
  3. For two invited friends, the user receives a permanent 15%discount on Walkit.ru services.
  4. For three invited friends, the user receives a permanent 20% discount on Walkit.ru services.
  5. The permanent discount cannot be combined with other promotions carried out by Walkit.ru.
  6. The discount cannot be received when one user creates multiple accounts. Discounts received by the user in several Walkit.ru accounts cannot be combined.
  7. The owner of Walkit.ru may require additional information to confirm the right to use the discount. All decisions regarding this issue will be made exclusively on the side of the owner of Walkit.ru.

3. Sending a referral link

  1. Referral links must be used for private and non-commercial purposes. The user should not send the link to strangers or use bots to send the link. Any advertisements with a referral link are prohibited.

4. Referred Friends

  1. Users invited by friends' links will receive a promotional code for a discount of 10% of the total amount upon their first booking through Walkit.ru.
  2. The invited friends can use the discount only after the friend who invited them to completes the booking on Walkit.ru. The discount can be used once. The code must be entered directly on the booking screen, before paying.

5. Multiple invitations

  1. An invited friend can only use one invite link. If a new user has received several links from several Walkit.ru users, only the one friend whose link was used to make the reservation will receive a discount.

6. Termination and Changes

  1. The owner of Walkit.ru can cancel or change the conditions of the referral program at any time without prior notice.
  2. We can block an account or remove a discount if we notice a violation of the User Agreement and/or the Terms of participation in the Walkit.ru referral program.